Dental Examination and Consultation

Restorative Dentistry

Composite (Posterior)

Rs. 975

Composite (Anterior)

Rs. 1375

GIC filling

Rs. 625

Root canal treatment

Rs. 1975


Rs. 5775

Replacement of missing teeth

Crown - Metal Ceramic Tilite


Crown - Zirconia Layered (3M)

Rs. 8975

Crown - Zirconia Monolithic(3M)

Rs. 8975

Crown - Premium Monolithic 3M Lava

Rs. 17575



Noble Biocare Active

Rs. 39975

Complete Dentures

Complete Denture - Fibre Glass

Rs. 13525

Complete Denture - Lucitone with Imported akri-rock teeth set

Rs. 17525

Complete Denture - Lucitone with Ivoclar teeth set

Rs. 28525

Removable Partial Dentures

RPD - Lucitone (per tooth)

Rs. 3000

RPD - Flexidenture (per tooth)

Rs. 7750

Cast Partial Denture-Single

Cast Partial Denture-Single

Rs. 18975

Braces - 3M Metal (Self ligating)

Rs. 52025

Braces - 3M Clear Ceramic

Rs. 39375

Braces - 3M Cearmic (Self ligating)

Rs. 62775

Braces - Lingual (Virtually invisible)

Rs. 86875

Braces - Clear aligners/Invisalign braces

Rs. 145575

Braces - Single Arch Incognito

Rs. 173775

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Tooth Extraction

Rs. 325

Root pieces Extraction

Rs. 625

Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Non-Surgical)

Rs. 975

Wisdom Tooth Extraction (Surgical)

Rs. 4675

Pediatric Dentistry

Pit and fissure sealants

Rs. 625

Topical Fluoride Application

Rs. 725

Composite Fillings

Rs. 775

Root Canal Treatment

Rs. 2975

Tooth Extraction

Rs. 375

Habit Breaking Appliance

Rs. 5875

Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth Whitening

Rs. 11875

Composite Laminates

Rs. 2325

Ceramic Veneers

Rs. 6075

Laser - Depigmentation

Rs. 2075

Payment Methods

Mydentist follows a consistent, transparent pricing process and provides patients with a variety of different payment options in order to meet individual requirements.

Options include, cash, cheques, credit & debit cards, online payment, and mobile wallets, as well as easy E.M.I. options for major dental treatments.

Easy EMI Options

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Mobile Wallets

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